dingdongnation = Leslie Straw 1345 Hayes Street San Francisco, CA 94117 415.875.9316 leslie@dingdongnation.com My background is in fine arts (painting and photography) UCD (B.A.), SFAI (M.F.A.), École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts (Artist in Residence). My design experience began with pre-press, then moved on to include on-screen presentation design, marketing, web design and usability, and project management.  I’ve been an associate of Windesheim Design since 2000, but take on independent jobs as well (schedule permitting). What I do: Consult with businesses, non-profits and individuals in finding their unique voice in traditional and new media; create product design and visualization of new ideas; illustration and photography: nag my kids, have cocktails with my husband, make some art, and ride my bike. In no particular order. facebook DingDongNation facebook LeslieStraw