Shoe Problem


I see a gray sky and I want to paint it pink

more art 4 u

more art 4 u, a holiday group show at Mua in Oakland, up through January. This one’s a small gouache painting, Joe’s Cat.


J Otto Art is a Steal

When I bought my sloth I had no idea it would be so customly packaged. You all need to get your sloth on too.

Cat Painting

I took a photo of the painting, because I’m pretty sure I’ll wreck it before it’s done.

OK here is round 2, not completely messed up yet, still a chance!

shark again and not so decipherable notes to self

Round 2 where everything gets muddy and awkward and second guessing. Yay!

So many thoughts flying around while painting so I jot them down

OK what I can decipher from this part of the list

1.  “Michael Alfe” was a reference to the fact even though really smart people use and recommend something, doesn’t mean that you should too. 30 years later I realize that Stand Oil was great for his painting, but totally inappropriate for what I was doing. duh, I’m slow.

2.” foto realism”.  I like to paint from photos or random scans of things. I don’t project or trace them—something in the process excites me.

3. “lines and edges”. Most of us when painting or drawing will draw a line around stuff. Those lines don’t really exist in nature were everything blurs and reflects. I always try not to, but still I get false lines and edges.

4. I have no freaking idea what Shern Oil ban refers to.



shark painting was still wet so I started this new one today

It smells better than it looks (details)


After a long break I’m making art and painting in oil again. The smell is soooo good. To make it even easier I’m going to paint whatever I feel like, starting with Laine and gummy sharks. So there. Makes me miss smoking though.

Its weird how natural it feels. I like to start with semi-rough gesso’d canvas and muscle on the first layer of paint with a too small brush. Looks like I used it a leeetle too enthusiastically. Sad brush and canvas full of tiny hairs hahaha.

3 new canvases gesso’d

Just finished the last coats of gesso—many profound thoughts going through my head, like the theme song for Beverley Hillbillies and how I loved that they called the pool a cee-ment pond. These paintings are going to be deep, man.

Art @ Mua Oakland December 2010

Artwork up at Mua

David’s Oath of the Horatii (commission)

Here is one of the paintings I was commissioned TWICE! to paint,  David’s Oath of the Horatii 6′ x 8′.

Someday I will paint it again, only something like this:

Catalog from a 1992 show @ Walter/McBean—wayback machine

In them olden days, didn’t have websites, but some really nice printed catalogs.  I only had 2 pieces in this show but someone bought this one. Also Kenneth Baker reviewed it and said something like “Leslie Straw’s work does the same with a lot less effort”. I remember my cousin thought it was an insult, but I told her I thought it was a good thing.

Paintings from random fb+ photos

This is a series of small paintings (about 3″ x 4″) in gouache,  4 up on  11″ x 17″ pieces of paper. The images are mostly from facebook, twitter, etc. I stole the gouache from chef Phil. I usually use oil or graphite. This is what gives them the demented paint by numbers look, which I think at least works for the chicken.