A local (Noe Valley) preschool is fundraising to extend to upper grades. They needed a new logo that “reflected” (<hehehe get it?) their values — unfussy, supportive, hands on education.

Lead type


For a new logo for a new school that’s somewhat Waldorf related, I though it would be cool to start with original lead type and work backwards. Here at my favorite printers Dependable Letterpress.

Quickie Logo for Mr. Aro


for his art + furniture from his new machine.

Cooper Pugeda



Cooper Pugeda needed their logo and branding updated for their over-all company, as well as creating a related branding system for specialized branches.



ACI Event GroupACI needed to update their brand. Their client base being upscale, they wanted a cleaner, minimal look that more reflected their approach and that has the flexibility to work in a variety of uses.

I love working with Amanda and the other Leslie :). They have a great sense of style, fun and humor.

New Header for In Fiore’s blog, In Vigilare


Sometimes even with new clients it feels like you’ve been working together a long time. It’s that alchemist thing that keeps coming up.


Regard IP, (an intellectual property law firm) needed a fast identity and web presence for their new SF office. They had some interim cards printed at dependable letterpress, so I used the letterpress aesthetic as a jumping off point to create this logo. From there we put together an introductory website to expand as they grown, a custom email campaign template and stationery system.


First round prototypes are fun, this one is for the sister restaurant to Mua Oakland

Mua Identity

This logo for Mua is based on the graffiti style signage that used to be on the front of the restaurant. The city of Oakland thought it was a tag and painted it over!

Venetian Walls Identity

Todd Merrill and Peter McCandless needed a new identity for their traditional Italian wall treatment company, Venetian Walls. This design references a type-style of old Venice,  but playful.

M8 Identity

Designer Steve Livingston and Project Manager Joan Livingston wanted an identity for M8, their innovative technology that allows the easy swapping out of  cabinet facing.  The logo needed to work very small to be stamped on metal as well as larger for stationery and signage. They requested that it invoke the whimsical side of their personalities and gave the sense of changeability.

WOW Identity

WOW! Natural Beverages for Dogs. A product under development, Duncan Macnamara requested an identity for his company that was warm and engaging, as well as eye-catching. I based the artwork on his amazing dog, Buddy.

Bistro Soizic Identity

This wasn’t logo design as much as a corralling and standardizing of all the many different versions of “Bistro Soizic” that exist.