Julie from Core Pilates needed a fast, effective poster to promote their new yoga course for lower back pain on site and as a new promotion for M.D.s. Because we’ve put in the time working together to build her branding and identity, we were able to come up with a quick solution that was also very economical, since we were able to arrive at the desired look and feel with a minimum of back and forth.

Lead type


For a new logo for a new school that’s somewhat Waldorf related, I though it would be cool to start with original lead type and work backwards. Here at my favorite printers Dependable Letterpress.

Another Year, Another TEC Awards Show


Program books, signage, and the rest! With Windesheim Design.

Mr Espresso

See that little burning oak log graphic on this packaging? I totally did that :). Hey, don’t laugh, the simplest things are the hardest to pull off.

de Young Balenciaga Swag

Just got these samples back from Stuart Hata at the de Young Museum Store of San Francisco. They came out pretty good considering how limiting these kinds of products are…  ( Windesheim Design )

TEC Awards

The TEC Awards are another client of Windesheim Design. We design all the support matierial for the Awards Ceremony. + Lou Reed and David Byrne! :)

Venetian Walls

A brochure for Venetian Walls.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Store

This is the packaging I designed (@ Windesheim Design) for the museum store to sell “Fog Domes”. Sadly, there was a fog issue with the products and the domes did not get released.

Wow for dogs

This image is the background usage for Wow for dogs, used on tetrapaks, sell sheets, signage, and the website.

San Francisco Giftcenter & Jewelrymart

Here are some print samples we did at Windesheim Design for Giftcenter & Jewelrymart, before they were bought out and became 888 Brannan.

Eva Gunther Foundation

The Eva Gunter Foundation is another non-profit client of Windesheim Design, helping teenage girls. We design and publish their annual reports and other support material.