Here are a few of the prototype developments I did for Wham-O. Inventors submitted ideas to Wham-O and my job was to flesh them out to make real products out of them. The actual original inventions were visually very basic, sometimes no more than pvc pipe and a bucket, so I not only had to create the look of the product, but also make it look proactive and marketable.


I worked at Ubisoft (through an agency) for a year or so, putting together marketing materials and packaging.
I like that when you Google my name you get Toonsylvania!

Hello Kitty

Some prototypes and packaging for Sanrio/Charming Treasures. These final products were sold at Target.

Mr. Botto

Here are some stills from a 3d animation project “Mr. Botto’s Afternoon”. Note the animated faces on the wings, pre-emoticons!