Santipapas Salsa!



Santipapas needed a rush website, since they were nominated for a grant from Whole Foods and already in the market at BiRite. Vote for Santipapas!

Tsunami Swim Team Website Build


Tsunami, a LBGT swim and synchronized swimming teams in San Francisco needed someone to build a fully responsive site in WordPress from a design that was created by  b’stro. Although I usually work from my own designs, I loved B’stro’s layout and the fantastic photos available to work with. Link to site.

In Fiore


In-Fiore-Website_03 In-Fiore-Website_02

I love this site, and especially working with Julie Elliott, but it’s been pretty challenging getting all the inherited parts (Thesis-WordPress & Shopify-liquify) to work together. It’s tricky getting an online store to look good, but the quality of these products and photos makes it so much easier! In Fiore—if you live in San Francisco you need to check it out in person.

Putting the sexy back in Asbestos Remediation, he he.




I’ve done a lot of work for engineers over the years. I like organizing information that I know nothing about and making it understandable in layman’s terms. This project is for CPM Environmental, next I’m working on CPM’s over-all site. This is my first site using html 5, couldn’t use php on this installation. Responsive design!

In Vigilare for In Fiore


Just started working with Julie Elliott, of  IN FIORI. If only computers had scratch and sniff technology :)

Product Shots for New E-Commerce Website

Just took some preliminary products shots to revamp a site, which can’t help but be super cute :)

Reliquary Hayes Valley

One of my favorite contact pages. Eye contact! Leah Bershad’s truly one-of-a-kind store that you should go to— Reliquary on Octavia in Hayes Valley.

Nex Oakland



Just when I get the site redone (above) Nex changes and becomes part of Mua. Sigh.

NEX is the latest restaurant site created for San-ju and Hi-suk (Mua, Soizic, and Pastoral). I love working with them—creative, fluid, non-corporate aesthetic. Yay for that! (Also for the side benefits, he he) This site was built in WordPress so they can update menus, add photos, be “liked” on facebook, etc. I also help managing online reservations and marketing.

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A lot of new clients are Green or Mission Driven, which is cool. This site was with Windesheim Design for YR&G sustainability consultants based in NY.

birch in Elle Decor


See all those postits? Torryne’s birchsf  has flowers in 16 shots in this month’s Elle Decor!!!! If you like flowers, magazines and Marfa, Texas, you should follow her @birchsf

Windesheim Redesign

Redesign of Windesheim Design’s website. We kept a lot of the same design elements but got rid of the Flash so that it would work mobile. We made it a WordPress site so that it would be easy for us to update. The photography is mine as well.

La Cocina Website

La Cocina, the incubator kitchen in the Mission in San Francisco, is one of  Windesheim Design’s non-profit clients. Caleb Zigas came to us asking for a site that would get the information out to the community, integrate with social networking (twitter, facebook, youtube), sell product via paypal, translate, and be editable by volunteers. Whew.  We used this project to develop a WordPress template that more of our other non-profits and small businesses could use. The site has been very successful—they have had so much traffic they had to up the capacity twice.

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Dependable Letterpress Website

This site, built in wordpress for Joel Benson’s Dependable Letterpress, takes advantage of how easily new images and information can be uploaded by Joel and staff, and cross-linked to designers’ sites and in special cases, their clients.

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Integral Group

Just launched Integral Group’s new website today, via Windesheim Design. Our most ambitious WordPress based yet (thematic with a custom child theme). It’s a clean design, easy to navigate and update projects internationally.

Update! We helped them become so successful they bought out other firms and now have an inhouse marketing department.

WE-ACTx Website

I recently had the pleasure of redesigning a website for WE-ACTx (through Windesheim Design). WE-ACTx is an organization that advocates for the health and well being of the women and children of Rwanda, post genocide. The site (wordpress) had to be completely reorganized and streamlined to make it as easy as possible for volunteers to update. Visually, the design challenge was to make the viewer feel a more personal connected to the women and children served.

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CP-37 Website

This website is for Oakland artist CP-37. I’m including it here because even though it’s old in website years (5) I still think it works well with his art.

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Mua Website

This is the website for Mua, Hi-suk and San-ju Dong’s latest bar and restaurant in Oakland. The design reflects the eclectic and ever changing nature of the place and is built in WordPress to make it easier to stay current. I manage the content, do most of the photography/video, help select artists to exhibit, manage and monitor their Twitter and Yelpness.  I also help them to consume cocktails and food items, because well, someone has to. (Cap’n John photo by Eu-ri Dong)

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Windesheim Design Website

Nancy Windesheim of Windesheim Design and I have been collaborating since 2000.  We designed this site for her a couple of years ago. We know we should update her site, but we are kinda attatched to it as is…

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birch Website

The walls in Torryne Choate’s upscale flower design shops birch and birch hayes valley are painted black, which makes the amazing flower arrangements and objects d’art stand out even more. The website is designed in the same aesthetic. Torryne also takes all the amazing photos for the site.

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National AIDS Memorial at the Grove Website

The National AIDS Memorial Grove is another of Windesheim Design’s non-profit clients. We worked with director, John Cunningham, to create a site that could be updated by the organizations many volunteers and committees. One of my favorite moments as a designer was showing a group from NAMG how to update this wordpress site, and seeing collective lightbulbs going off over their heads as they got excited about the possibilities.

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Soizic Website

I made my first website for Soizic way back in 1995!  Soizic and Mua are both owned by Sanju and Hisuk Dong, and while the look and feel of each restaurant is very different, they’re both ecclectic.


*Note to self, even when a restaurant closes, don’t let the name go!