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In the Night Kitchen…

So as the Little Big Draw event at Mua winds down, John Mardikian of Telegraph (Oakland beer garden/restaurant) and I get in his “car” :) to go to his place that I haven’t seen in a while. It’s late and it’s closed and dark, but still looks great with a lot of new art and changes so I took some photos. And now at home as I’m going through them, it totally strikes me, Telegraph = In The Night Kitchen. Except instead of Maurice Sendak, J Otto. Instead of cake, 50/50 burger with bacon and macaroni and cheese on a donut. Mickey has his clothes on, and obviously, instead of milk, beer.

SFAI party

Gorgeous weather, amazing cocktail action with crazy machines and urinals, great food, music, old friends and Carlos gets a Guggenheim, in no particular order. Better photos here:

The tower looks anxious.

San-Ju (the next day) with one of the drink dispensers.

Mystery Vegetable Item—Rancho Haybro Continued Fail Mystery Veg

Rancho Haybro—continued fail, but in other news Colette brought home some beets and something else with strips and I think a turnip or a really big radish from her volunteering at Hayes Valley Farm  {turns out they are Chiogga Beets}  OOOPS! Wrong again, she dug them up at her high school garden at Lowell that she also’s been volunteering in and not Hayes Valley Farm.


Even though I don’t know what they all are I’m roasting those suckers up. Also, someone please tell me why is my mint plant dying when they are supposed to grow like weeds? This is important, it’s my cocktail garden area.



Laine and a Heizer

Colette and a Heizer

Me and Laine in a Heizer “Actual Size”

Phil in a Serra

Misprint, should’ve said Googly-Eyed Deity.



 Photo from MOCA, we missed this part :(

Cai Guo-Qiang @MOCA artist whose media is firecrackers.

Spontaneous Tuesday Date Night

Helping Tango & Stache untangle some web stuff, they invite us to their pop up @ the Hideout (Dalva) in the Mission. Nice guys! and tasty Coca Cola braised pulled pork and “white boy” slaw. Spicey! Also such a deal for $8.

It’s all speakeasy like and we get a table in the tiny upstairs just before it gets super crowded.

Phil gets a call from Jeebus.

Super tasty cocktails. Plus, finally get to meet my neighbor Tablehopper in person.

Rancho HayBro (Dingdong) AKA San Souci From a Distance

Just came across this Carleton Watkins photo of Haight area taken from Mint Hill Orphan Asylum in 1866. Those days it was called Sans Souci (think wiggle bike path). The fence is Herman Street. The hill on the right is Alamo Square so we are just downhill from that. I’m guessing these farms were more successful than my 6 radishes and 1 snow pea. There is the Hayes river (under our backyard) that still provides water to the Fillmore and Civic Center fountains,  and occasionally floods Muni.

Good News Bad News From Rancho HayBro

First the good news—our first harvest! Woo Hoo! 3 radishes for 4 people, which come to think of it might also be not that great. OK neutral news.

Next, bad news. Pea plants eaten to bloody stumps. Any ideas why? Probably snails even though I put copper tape around the beds, they coulda climbed up the drip pipes. They are not as stupid as they want you to think.