shark again and not so decipherable notes to self

Round 2 where everything gets muddy and awkward and second guessing. Yay!

So many thoughts flying around while painting so I jot them down

OK what I can decipher from this part of the list

1.  “Michael Alfe” was a reference to the fact even though really smart people use and recommend something, doesn’t mean that you should too. 30 years later I realize that Stand Oil was great for his painting, but totally inappropriate for what I was doing. duh, I’m slow.

2.” foto realism”.  I like to paint from photos or random scans of things. I don’t project or trace them—something in the process excites me.

3. “lines and edges”. Most of us when painting or drawing will draw a line around stuff. Those lines don’t really exist in nature were everything blurs and reflects. I always try not to, but still I get false lines and edges.

4. I have no freaking idea what Shern Oil ban refers to.